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Have a question? If you do not see the answer below, please feel free to reach out via email, here.


How are items shipped?

Purchases are shipped domestically using USPS First Class or USPS Priority, per the customer's choice at checkout. International shipping is also available with clear options at checkout. 

When do you ship?

Ready to wear pieces are typically shipped within 3 business days of purchase.  Shipping notifications are sent via email when packages leave the studio and require the customer to enter their email at checkout to receive them.

When will my package arrive?

Seasonal shipping delays and other carrier issues may delay arrival.  I try to notify customers of known delays however I always encourage customers to be aware of holiday shipping times when placing holiday time orders. 

Returns and Exchanges

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I work hard to write clear descriptions and provide equally clear photos that will allow customers to make educated decisions about their purchases.  Please read descriptions carefully regarding size, chain and earring length, and color to ensure the piece will meet your expectations. 

There can be unusual circumstances that arise and so I will accept returns or exchanges of ready-to-wear items within 10 days of receipt.  Custom pieces are made just for you and are therefore not returnable or exchangeable. 

The customer will be responsible for any return shipping with tracking. 

What if an item arrives damaged?

If an item arrives damaged, please notify me as soon as possible with photos. I will then be able to file a claim with the shipping carrier and arrange for you to return it to me. 

What if my piece is damaged later?

If your piece is damaged or breaks due to a fault in it's creation, I will repair it if possible or arrange an exchange. Please contact me immediately if there is an issue. Damage due to improper care or misuse is not considered a fault in design or creation. 

Please be aware that gemstones have varying strengths and molecular makeup.  Some may chip or break if struck or crushed, even if the impact did not seem significant at the time.  Coral and turquoise in particular are more fragile and porous. This is not an issue of my artistry, but of the artistry of mother nature. 

All pieces should be treated lovingly but if a piece is damaged due to a customer event, I may be able to repair it.  Repairs will incur a fee which will be quoted at the time of contact. Please include well-lit photos when reaching out so I may accurately quote a repair fee. 

Jewelry Love and Care

Your jewelry is a piece of art and I know you want to treat it that way!  I work hard to ensure all of my pieces are sturdy and can be worn for many years to come.  However, these pieces are not indestructible. 

To ensure your jewelry gets a long life, avoid immersing your pieces in water including wearing them in the shower or pool. Some gemstones can be damaged by prolonged exposure to water.

You should also avoid exposing gemstones to chemicals including hair and beauty products. Some stones can be damaged by chemicals found in everyday soaps, lotions, and hair products.  So, put your gems on last, after you've finished with your routine. 

The best place to store jewelry when it is not being worn is in a soft fabric bag or box like those I package my pieces in when they are sent to you!


If your jewelry requires cleaning, a soft cloth or soft dry toothbrush will often do the trick. If something more is required, you can use a bit of water and very gentle soap lightly and quickly followed by a thorough drying with a soft cloth. 

Do not use jewelry cleaning chemicals or machines on my pieces. These chemicals and machines are designed to be used on jewelry with exceptionally hard stones like diamonds and can be too harsh for the rainbow of gems found in my work. 

If you ever have questions regarding the best care or cleaning of your pieces, please do not hesitate to reach out!