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This is your legend

Find strength and inspiration in whispers of ancient stories woven into talismans for a modern time.

Each of our collections are inspired by mythological feminine figures and the crafts and beliefs of Celtic and Nordic ancestors. These adornments are talismans, armor, declarations, reminders, and celebrations.

You carry echoes of mythological and epic figures within you. As a modern legend in the making, you derserve jewelry that adorns your incredible story.

The Collections

Find pieces that reflect your unique style and channel your inner strength. From the simple elegance of the Celeste studs, to the rock-and-roll ferocity of the Valkyrie, to the infinite variation of the Theia collection- this is where colorful gemstones, self expression, and powerful intentions meet.

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The Arc is inspired by ancient ruins and abandoned stone monoliths. It is a weathered gate cradling beneath it a gemstone bead.  Arc is an...

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Celeste and Comet

The Celeste collection is inspired by the Latin word caelestis meaning "heavenly".  These pieces are stars and planets- pieces of our glittering earth flung to...

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Theia is a Greek Titaness. The eldest daughter of Gaia and mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.  She is the earth and sky- at...

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The Valkyrie are the winged Norse goddesses of victory and guardians of the souls of the valiant, slain in battle, ushering them to Valhalla. She...

This necklace is just beautiful. I feel like I'm wearing a true work of art. I never want to take it off. Customer for life!

Melea P.

Love my new earrings so much, they are stunning!!!

Karen R.

The artistry is top notch and the stones are gorgeous. Unboxing the lovely packaging with extra detail is a nice touch as well. Can't wait to add to my collection.

Melea P.

These are beautiful earrings. Very happy with them. I get a lot of compliments.

Margarita M.

These are fun to wear and go with any outfit. My favorite any time any where earrings.

Megan W.

What a beautiful necklace! I haven't taken it off. It's so unique and I love it. I will definitely be back shopping for my next pieces of jewelry. Thank you!

Susan T.

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