About Three Flames

I’m Kayti, the artist (bauble forger) behind Three Flames Silverworks. From my home studio in Seattle I craft work inspired by the  intersection of the urban and wild- nature abutting cityscapes, our wild spirits woven into our contemporary lives. I am best known for my choice of minerals and organic shapes paired with tarnished, hand forged metals.  This aesthetic is reflective of the forging and tempering we endure through our challenges and experiences. Growing stronger and more defined- carrying marks of our forging and all the more beautiful for it. 

Jewelry has been a way for me to express myself for as long as I can remember. I design work that makes a statement-pieces that feel brave and compliment the natural style and personality of the wearer. Adornments are personal, intimate, and powerful. I enjoy the compact scale of jewelry and it’s ability to contain volumes.
The Silverworks was named for the three “flames“ of Brigid, a goddess of my Celtic ancestors. She commands the flames of the smith's forge, the hearth fire (family, love, and connection) and the spark of poetic inspiration- all fuel for the metalsmith. Brigid has survived the centuries as a symbol of strength, creativity, craftsmanship, and purpose.

Three Flames Silverworks offers hand forged adornments for an unapologetic life.

If I can be of assistance, do not hesitate to reach out!

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