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Wayfinder Earrings no. 1 - Amazonite

Three Flames Silverworks

Amazonite: For quieting an anxious mind and calming the tempest within. 

Amazonite evokes the deep, ancient waters and the mythical warrior women who share the root of its name.  These are suspended in silver frames like captured islands or ancient compasses. Although more significant in size, these are very lightweight. The setting has empty spaces allowing light to flow through the gaps and the earrings to be an incredibly wearable weight. 

These are 2.5 inches long from the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring. As always with my work, these stones are sisters, not twins. 

Wayfinder Earrings no. 1 - Amazonite
Wayfinder Earrings no. 1 - Amazonite

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