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Theia Gemstone Necklace: Turquoise

Three Flames Silverworks

Turquoise: For repelling negative influences, and aiding in positive manifestation 

Turquoise has been found in jewelry and small carved ornamental objects dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Indigenous peoples of what we now know as North and South America. This is a pendant using ancient an talisman for a modern time.

This vibrant American mined Turquoise is set in tarnished sterling silver on an 20 inch chain. A reminder to manifest your destiny. 

Turquoise is a softer stone more prone to damage than some others like agates. This pendant can be worn daily but to keep it in the most beautiful condition, store it carefully when not worn. I also advise not soaking turquoise in water or using any chemical cleaners including soaps.  


Theia Gemstone Necklace: Turquoise
Theia Gemstone Necklace: Turquoise

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