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Poppy Jasper and Chalcedony Pendant

Three Flames Silverworks

Poppy Jasper: For joy, courage, and a sense of grounded confidence. 

Carnelian: For inspiration, creativity, and the confidence to follow creative impulses 

This bold pendant brings a fierce pop of color! Vibrant carnelian pairs with a dynamic azurite for a bright but sophisticated color combination. Set in tarnished sterling silver and hanging from a 20-ish inch chain. 

Please nurture your azurite as you would turquoise. Keep it dry at all times, avoid exposing it to direct sun for extended periods of time, and avoid exposing it to extreme heat. These elements can be avoided by storing it safely and not wearing it in the water. 

Poppy Jasper and Chalcedony Pendant
Poppy Jasper and Chalcedony Pendant

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