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Duo Theia: Botswana Agate and Hessonite Garnet

Three Flames Silverworks

The final photo is of this style on a model to show proportion. The model wears A different stone combination. 

Botswana Agate: To soothe, heal, and promote personal growth. 

Hessonite Garnet: For releasing fear and clarity of mind.  

Theia is a Greek Titaness. The eldest daughter of Gaia, the earth, and mother of the sun, moon, and dawn. The Theia earring celebrates the natural elements of the stones used set in claws of sterling silver with an organic and primal feel. She is the earth and sky- at once delicate and strong. 

No two pairs of Theia earrings are the same. Each set of stones is uniquely cut and hand selected. These are the earrings that will never have rivals and will always make an elegant and organic statement. 

Two apricot and brown hued banded Botswana Agates are paired with golden hessonite garnets and set in sterling silver. These stones are sisters, not twins. A light weight style and easy to wear, these have long ear wires that thread through the lobe and swing with the wearer’s movement. 

 These are 2.5 inches long

Duo Theia: Botswana Agate and Hessonite Garnet
Duo Theia: Botswana Agate and Hessonite Garnet
Duo Theia: Botswana Agate and Hessonite Garnet

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